Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Puppies, Popcorn, and Pretentious Nerds: Writing Club Chronicles Vol. I

We found this sign during our Writing Club meeting.

My mom and I met for our first official writing club meeting yesterday.

At least the first one in over 15 years or so. We had a writing club when I was a kid where I wrote about the time my pig didn't weigh enough for the county fair, candle-making, and a robot named Zippy that lived on planet Mustard-Sip. So there's that.

So anyway, yesterday we met for our first writing club meeting this decade. After devouring gluten-free waffles and scoping out the public library, we found ourselves at a tea house for some iced vanilla rooibos. It's our drink now, in case you were wondering.

We went into the tea house for the sole purpose of eavesdropping (it's excusable for creative purposes). We intentionally sat right behind a couple whom we later deduced were on their first date, which is prime eavesdropping fodder. We wanted to overhear interesting things in conversations and also observe interesting mannerisms.

First date guy was the quintessential nerd: red hair, glasses, tall, lanky, and liked dropping big words in sentences in a pretentious and unnecessary manner. Unless saying, "grotesquely unhappy," is necessary; in that case, forgive me. 

He also believed himself to be at "the crossroad of not knowing what to do," which basically describes everyone's lives ever (as far as I can tell). Let me know if I'm wrong on that one too.

He and his date were completely mismatched. She was super soft-spoken so I could hardly hear anything she said other than, "Interesting..." with inflections insinuating she thought what he said was anything but interesting. My mom described her as one ready to set out on the Pacific Crest Trail. Imagine from that what you will.

We watched another girl enter the independent movie theater next door, exit with a tub of popcorn, and proceed to bring it into the tea house to consume with her tea and poetry book. The best part was, while she walked, she used her tongue to fish out popcorn kernels from the top of the tub. Bonus points for creativity.

Outside the window a girl was drinking bubble tea. Speaking of, have you ever watched anyone drink bubble tea? It's weird...marble-sized gel-like balls shoot up the oversized straw and then the drinker has to chew...it's a little disturbing. This girl had an adorable puppy, who kept trying to pull an iPhone out of the girl's hand with his mouth. It was the cutest.

The moral of this story is: I might need a puppy.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Anniversary Chipboard Album DIY

Our first wedding anniversary is coming up, which is absolutely crazy! I wanted to give Adam a present that was thoughtful and reflective of our relationship.

We are going on an exciting anniversary trip (details soon!), but I also wanted something he could hold as a gift.

That's not Sasquatch in the far left; that is our first kiss!
I realized I hadn't done much with our wedding pictures, other than frame a few for our bedroom. I found this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess, and knew it was perfect! I scoured the internet for a similar chipboard album (with the shutter opening), but couldn't find it anywhere.

I sent out some inquiries on etsy to see if someone could make it for me, and Tammy from BungalowGlow was up for the challenge! She got to work on cutting the chipboard. In the meantime, I spent a long time looking through pictures trying to decide which ones were perfect for each page.

Once the album came in the mail, I did final measurements of the pages and ordered the prints through a local photo printing service. I chose "lustre" instead of "glossy" to make it a more bookish than magazineish.

Supplies Needed:
Chipboard Album
Spray Adhesive
Hole Punch
Printed Photos
Book Rings (6)

Do one side of each chipboard first. Spray adhesive on back on photo, set in place on corresponding chipboard, and press to adhere. Make sure you have something down to protect whatever surface you are working on (it can get sticky!). i found that using an old magazine worked really well. I would just turn the page after each spray!

Punch the corresponding holes before putting on the back photo to each chipboard.

Finish putting all the photos in place, and punch the rest of the holes. Use the book rings to attach the pages in the order you want.

I absolutely adore the finished project! It tells our story without words, and it's perfect.

Engagement Photos & Getaway Photo: Mason Photography
Wedding Photos: Katie Guaschino Photography

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursday.

classic books painted on bricks garden decor

This is just dreamy. I think these bricks on steps would be adorable on a little bench in a secret garden (maybe with some real books thrown in for good measure!).


Speaking of books, the Kindle version of Sarah Bessey's book Jesus Feminist is on sale for $1.99 for a limited time.


And while we are on the topic of books...
One of my friends just published a debut novel, The Shifter, which I had the privilege of reading before it was available to the masses. I loved it. A great and unexpected story with a strong female lead.


Currently following the blogilates workout calendar. I love it, and am coveting this #beastmode tank. I didn't get paid to say that either...I am just really enjoying these workouts.

There is also a DVD Pop Pilates Total Body Workout with Cassey Ho if you're more of a tv person than a youtube videoer.


 We went hiking with some friends last weekend. Yay for hike-able weather! However, it's not quite jump-in-for-a-swim weather.

What have you been up to/reading/watching/doing this SPRING (which started today!)?

*ftc disclosure: some links are amazon affiliate links, which means if you buy something through one of my links I may earn a few pennies.